Monday, September 24, 2012

New Affiliate Ads!

Affiliates! We have new ads up if you are interested. You can find them in your Interneka account. Examples here as well but if you want the correct links, go to Interneka and grab.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Big Bang Bundle is Coming

Last year we made available for only three days, 100 SVG sets for $100.  Well get all fired up because it will be back!  Starting Friday, it will be available for 5 days with a whole different set of products.  This round-up includes 100 Cut It SETS and yes...its $100 but you are paying only $1/set.  We won't advertise it, but coupon codes will apply so your followers can buy the bundle for $80. No one can ever beat that price for cut its.  We just finished counting the individual cut it files in it and its an unbelievable 1600+!  These are files you would pay $1 for elsewhere.  The bundle flew off the shelf last year and our affiliates who participated did fabulous.

Questions that might come up:
1.  Yes, it is all different product than last year.  This year is 100 cut it sets.
2.  No, its not all new product.  Have your followers bought some of the product? yes, they are getting some repeat but they are essentially getting 100 sets for $80 if they use the coupon code.  Without the bundle, they would only get 16-20 sets.  So its worth the repeats.
3.  All the product is available for individual download only (and thankfully).  Not sure what the file size would be for 100 sets in one zip, but we don't want to do that!  All the product is available in their LD account and through MTC, if they have purchased that.
4.  It will be available from the 24th-28th!

Good luck affiliates!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teacher Subscription

Lettering Delights has always been a big fan of teachers and has a long history of wanting to help teachers get product for their students at really reasonable prices.  We know that often teachers are spending their own money to supplement!  That is why we have created the teacher subscription.  This is a PILOT program and is only available for educators (teachers, home schoolers, student teachers) and an educator will need to send in proof in order to qualify.  If you want to advertise the teacher subscription, go right ahead but realize that at this time this special pilot program is only available for educators.  Below is the information you may use to advertise.

Get hooked on UNLIMITED teachers-only access to thousands of fonts, colorful alphabets, graphics and clipart sets, printable tags and candybar wrappers, plus cut-it files for cutting machines at all for just $130 for a whole year.

Hurry! This pilot beta program is available for a limited time and is reserved for a select number of professional teachers only**. Those eligible are teachers or student teachers of public, private, or charter institutions, or those who can provide proof of homeschooling their children. Please note, subscription will not be activated until proof has been received and approved.

Pay your annual membership fee to access the images you love in our easy-to-use online library. You can also download files directly to your computer to tackle all kinds of creative projects!

Build beautiful bulletin boards. Create darling student journals and scrapbooks. Personalize newsletters and notes. Design clever gifts and art. Customize practice pages and worksheets. Add colorful clipart and images to reports and assignments. And more!

Our teachers-only subscription allows you access to thousands of products in our current online gallery and dozens more added each month. This pilot program, available exclusively for teachers, will give you unlimited access for one full year to the following products:
  • Over 600 fonts valued at close to $2000
  • Over 700 colorful alphabet images valued at $2800
  • Close to 300 dingbat fonts valued at almost $900
  • Over 500 color graphic image sets (15 coordinating images per set) valued at $2100
  • 1200 pieces of clipart (in both black-and-white and color) valued at $300
  • Over 4000 cuttable files compatible with most electronic cutting machines valued at over $6000
Click here for the teacher subscription licensing information.
*Occasionally we will have licensed artists whose product will not be available via subscription.
**All sign-ups must provide proof of status as a professional teacher before online access will be granted. Burden of proof is on the teacher, we will accept proof of employment by written letter (submitted on letterhead), a copy of a teacher badge, paystub, teacher contract, etc.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey to all the Bloggers who are MTC fluent...

We have a new product. They are called cut tiles. They are tile-able patterns to be used within Make-the-Cut. If you have not played with this feature in MTC, it is simply a right-mouse click away when you have an image on your virtual mat. Choose "change color/texture/line" and search for your downloaded tiles. Choose one that feels appropriate and then you can scale it or even use the advanced feature and colorshift it. What's the point? You can take any graphic and fill it with the patterns YOU WANT and make it the color YOU WANT. If you loved a graphic but hated the color palette, now is your chance to change it. It also is super for those of you who have mastered print/cut. Even if you haven't mastered print/cut, its really fun to make your own choices with graphics.

Today (Friday, the 12th) we'll be giving away a set of tiles FREE on Facebook for everyone to experiment but just in case you wanted to get a headstart, we've zipped them and put them here for you to download. Below are examples of what the tiles look like and a frog from the freebie "banner day" filled with them.  See example of how it works here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Cuttable Formats

We will for sure be offering our product as .svg, .eps, and .ai. The jury is still out on other formats, please tell us what type of format you need, and WHY. You are welcome to start advertising as well, and if you get a feel from your followers what they want and why, please let us know. Thank you!