Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey to all the Bloggers who are MTC fluent...

We have a new product. They are called cut tiles. They are tile-able patterns to be used within Make-the-Cut. If you have not played with this feature in MTC, it is simply a right-mouse click away when you have an image on your virtual mat. Choose "change color/texture/line" and search for your downloaded tiles. Choose one that feels appropriate and then you can scale it or even use the advanced feature and colorshift it. What's the point? You can take any graphic and fill it with the patterns YOU WANT and make it the color YOU WANT. If you loved a graphic but hated the color palette, now is your chance to change it. It also is super for those of you who have mastered print/cut. Even if you haven't mastered print/cut, its really fun to make your own choices with graphics.

Today (Friday, the 12th) we'll be giving away a set of tiles FREE on Facebook for everyone to experiment but just in case you wanted to get a headstart, we've zipped them and put them here for you to download. Below are examples of what the tiles look like and a frog from the freebie "banner day" filled with them.  See example of how it works here.