Monday, September 24, 2012

New Affiliate Ads!

Affiliates! We have new ads up if you are interested. You can find them in your Interneka account. Examples here as well but if you want the correct links, go to Interneka and grab.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Big Bang Bundle is Coming

Last year we made available for only three days, 100 SVG sets for $100.  Well get all fired up because it will be back!  Starting Friday, it will be available for 5 days with a whole different set of products.  This round-up includes 100 Cut It SETS and yes...its $100 but you are paying only $1/set.  We won't advertise it, but coupon codes will apply so your followers can buy the bundle for $80. No one can ever beat that price for cut its.  We just finished counting the individual cut it files in it and its an unbelievable 1600+!  These are files you would pay $1 for elsewhere.  The bundle flew off the shelf last year and our affiliates who participated did fabulous.

Questions that might come up:
1.  Yes, it is all different product than last year.  This year is 100 cut it sets.
2.  No, its not all new product.  Have your followers bought some of the product? yes, they are getting some repeat but they are essentially getting 100 sets for $80 if they use the coupon code.  Without the bundle, they would only get 16-20 sets.  So its worth the repeats.
3.  All the product is available for individual download only (and thankfully).  Not sure what the file size would be for 100 sets in one zip, but we don't want to do that!  All the product is available in their LD account and through MTC, if they have purchased that.
4.  It will be available from the 24th-28th!

Good luck affiliates!