Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eat, Drink and Be Merry (or Hairy)!

Due to the popularity of Eat, Drink, and Be comes Eat, Drink and Be Hairy!

New Product

Not named yet...but there will be a graphics set as well as .svg. Paper too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

BIG News for Cutters

[tonight's ecard for 3/25]
First, we have to apologize for the late notice on this promotion. We literally wrapped up the details on this AMAZING giveaway earlier today and felt that it's too big not to share on this week's Lettering Delights ecard. So we jumped right on it and want to let you know this now:


We've partnered with the generous folks at Silhouette America and they've generously offered us a Silhouette prize package valued at $354. Here's what one lucky Lettering Delights' customer is going to win:
-A Silhouette HD machine
-AND a rhinestone bundle that includes the following products--
  • From the Rhinestone Starter Kit: 2 sheets of rhinestone template material, 2 rhinestone backing boards, 2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape, 1 rhinestone placement brush, 1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones, 1 CD of rhinestone templates
  • PLUS a package of each of the following rhinestones: clear 16ss rhinestones and clear 20ss rhinestones (that's in addition to the 10ss clear rhinestones that come with the start kit)
  • AND a rhinestone Pick-Me-Up tool to help place those rhinestones perfectly

Besides using the rhinestones to add "bling" to any of Lettering Delights' SVG files, you can use the rhinestone templates with your Silhouette machine to "bedazzle" all kinds of things. Check out this link for ideas >

We could go on and on about how exciting this offer is. And how GENEROUS and all around awesome the folks at Silhouette are. (Could their timing be any more perfect?)

But let's get on with the details of this contest:

1) This will be our Creativity Challenge for the month of April. We're just kicking it off a little early. Contest runs through midnight MDT on Wednesday, April 20. One grand prize winner will be announced before Saturday, April 30.

2) To enter the contest, create a project of your choice using at least one Lettering Delights' products.

  • You pick the product. No purchase is neccessary but with all the fun new products on sale for Dollar Days, why not shop and pick something new? (If a customer prefers to create a project with a LD product they already own, that's perfectly okay.)
  • EVERY customer has access to over $40 in free product on They just need to sign up with a free account if they want to create a project with our freebie products.

3) Submit your project to the Idea Gallery at Lettering Delights to enter. It's that easy! (Note: You must be logged into your LD account to post to the Idea Gallery). Enter as many projects as you'd like between NOW and midnight MDT on Wednesday, April 20

4) THAT'S NOT ALL. Throughout the contest we will be featuring noteable projects (and awarding prizes) on Lettering Delights' Facebook page. So "like" us on Facebook for even more prizes and fun. AND...head on over to Silhouette's Facebook page and give them a "like" and sign up to "follow" their blog too. Consider it an added way to give the people at Silhouette a BIG thanks and to keep contests like this in the future. (We'll be asking fans of Lettering Delights to post on our Facebook page after they've given the folks at Silhouette a shout-out and we'll be awarding bonus freebies and prizes to those who do.)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Silhouette SD machine and rhinestone bundle will ONLY be awarded to those who post to the LD Idea Gallery. All other prizes and freebies will be announced and offered through Lettering Delights' Facebook page. :)

With all that excitement let's not forget, it's DOLLAR DAYS! With savings of up to 80% and $2 for all SVG sets, it's the perfect time to drive traffic to and encourage your customers to shop, shop, shop! Dollar Days comes just twice a year. Now's the time to stock up and save. We're constantly adding new fonts, alphabets, graphic sets and SVGs to the site throughout the sale. It's worth checking back often.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Smell Something Fishy

New svg, papers, graphics set, and alph coming...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Product: Peep

Coming soon... kind of hard to tell but there are baskets in the svg set. The graphics sets lacks the 3d stuff but has more intricate designs and words...


Oishii means delicious in Japanese. Maybe this isn't the most practical set. Sometime you have to make stuff just because... Coming soon in SVG and graphics sets:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Create a Custom Link to Lettering Delights

When you want to send your affiliate traffic to a specific spot in a website, like LetteringDelights, yet you want to still capture the potential revenue, you need to create custom links.

In order to create a custom link to any page on LetteringDelights, just use the following URL where represents your desired landing page and XXXXX represents your affiliate ID (please note that only the numbers of your affiliate ID are entered):"

An example of the HTML source for a custom link that opens up in another window would be:

<a href="" target=_new> Click Here to Purchase Love Pets </a>

The HTML code then implemented would result in:
Click Here to Purchase Love Pets

Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Followers by Following

Grow your follower fan base by following other blogs. Find blogs that have similar interests and content and comment. The people who follow those blogs can become your follower too. Make sure you have a "Follow Me" button on your site to make it easy for everyone.

*Update: Just found a great article that emphasizes this concept. Check it out.

Optimize Your Blog with Keywords

You don't just have to wait for people to find your blog for your fan base to grow. You can optimize your blog wich will help your blog appear in search engine results. Make sure you include useful keywords in your blog.

A keyword is word or phrase that people would insert in a search engine to look for information. The search engine spiders use those words to comb sites to find your results.

If your keywords are not tightly targeted to your audience, you will not be highly ranked in the search engine results.

There are some free tools to help you create keywords. Try Wordtracker or the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Ad and Banner Blindness

What is ad or banner blindneess? It's when a person sees ads or banners so much on the internet they learn to visually ignore them. Ads don't work like they used to on the web. People know what they want to see and ignore everything else.

Don't depend on ads alone to help you make affiliate money. You need to be mentioning your affiliate in your posts and creating a reason for your followers to want to go spend money (which helps you earn money).

If you are using ads, make sure you change them out often. If you have created your own ads using screen captures, try changing those up too. Ad borders, change headlines, run different variation and switch out images. Help your followers see your message.

Dollar Days and Early Bird Specials

Dollar Days starts March 15th on LetteringDelights. All fonts, doodlebats, graphics, clipart, alphabets, and paper packs will only be $1. SVG's will be $2. Mini albums will be $3. Early Bird savings from March 15-March 23rd. Save 10% on $15 purchase or more with code: InBloom. Save 25% on $35 with code: BiggerBloom. It was originally set to expire the 18th and was recently extended.

March Freebies

March 2011 Freebies for Lettering Delights :
Just as an FYI, the above image was created w/ two different screen captures combined. See the How To for this trick.

Giving Your Followers Solutions

Your followers love seeing cute product but they are far more apt to buy cute product when they know what they can do with it.

Show the product in projects you make and give plenty of suggestions of what to do with it. Be creative. Obviously, this not only helps your followers buy but keeps them coming back to you and inviting their friends to follow your blog as well.

For example Lettering Delights sells Spectacular Specs. The most obvious use is to cut them out and where on your face for a fun photo shoot.

But when you have another idea or use, let your followers know. Give them solutions and they will love you for it.

How to Grab Screen Captures from LD for Promotions

A really successful affiliate blogger usually has far more links to Lettering Delight (or any affiliate, for that matter) than just an affiliate ad. Promoting events, sales, contests, and product brings far more attention to the affiliate and gives the opportunity for your followers to click.

Obviously, with the way a blog is presented, an older mention to Lettering Delights gets buried so it's important to keep mentioning and bringing attention to the site. A good way to do that is to include images. Most people know you can right mouse click and save an image to your computer but sometimes you want more than that. Sometimes you want several images and the words in between. That is when it's necessary to do a screen capture.

To screen capture in Windows:

  1. Press [PrtScr] on your keyboard. It is just to the right of the Function keys. Your screen has just been copied onto your "clipboard".
  2. Open an image editing program, like Microsoft Paint or PhotoShop Elements.
  3. Paste into that program (ctr + p) or Edit>Paste
  4. If available, use the crop tool to crop out the things you don't want to see
  5. Go to the File menu and choose "Save As".
  6. Navigate to where you want to save the image and type a file name for the image.
  7. You can hold down Alt while you press [PrtScr] and that will copy only the window you are on rather than the entire screen.
To screen capture on Mac:

  1. Press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot is automatically saved as a .png file on your desktop.
  2. To screen capture a portion of the desktop, press Command-Shift-4. A cross-hair cursor will appear which you click and drag to select the area you wish to capture. When you release the mouse button, the screen shot will be automatically saved as a .png on your desktop.
  3. If you hold [Ctr] while doing the above commands, the screenshot is saved to the clipboard rather than the desktop.

Refer A Friend

If you refer a friend who signs up for the LetteringDelight's newsletter, you'll both receive a $5 coupon code good on any purchase of $15 or more. Also your friend, will get the 9 free fonts for subscribing.

Over $40 in Free Product

When a person signs up for a free account at Lettering Delights, they are given a sampling of all our product types, worth over $40. The benefits to a free account are:
  • You must be logged in to use the "Try Me Now Tool" which allows access all of the products you own. From here, you can create customized titles and download or save individual products or an entire set.
  • Instantly access ALL of your previously purchased items
  • Create personal wish lists for future reference
  • Receive over $40 in freebies to use anytime you're logged in
  • Browse your order history and download specific products when you need them
We recently added SVG's to the account freebies. The set is enormous and fun. This alone is a great incentive to create a new account. IMPORTANT: If you already have an account, this product was automatically added to your library.

9 Free Fonts

Any time anyone signs up for the LetteringDelights newsletter, they will be given 9 free fonts. Sign up available here.

Standard Monthly Promotions for Lettering Delights

Every month, Lettering Delights trades out it's monthly freebies. There is always a free alphabet available every month that is not downloadable but available through the "Try Me Now Tool" in the upper right hand corner of the site. In addition to the alphabet, there is free product of some type. It can be an entire bundle at times. The monthly freebies can be seen here.

Facebook Specials

LetteringDelights uses Facebook to communicate many of our specials but we also run specials that are exclusive to Facebook fans as well. We encourage our affiliates to pass the good Facebook promotions on. In general, you can expect the following promotions to occur:
  1. Monday: sneak peek of upcoming product
  2. Tuesday: two for one deal
  3. Wednesday: random
  4. Thursday: tip with an associated discount
  5. Friday: freebies