Friday, June 17, 2011

New Cuttable Formats

We will for sure be offering our product as .svg, .eps, and .ai. The jury is still out on other formats, please tell us what type of format you need, and WHY. You are welcome to start advertising as well, and if you get a feel from your followers what they want and why, please let us know. Thank you!


We are just about ready to release our introductory product in multiple cutting file formats.  If all goes well, it looks like late next week.... The first 50 sets available in these formats are what we are labeling "simple shapes".  The are ONE-LAYER images.  There are at least 15 images/set.  We will also bundle all 50 sets for one SUPER BUNDLE with a price of $49.00!  With over 780 images, that price brings down the individual images to just a little over 6 cents/image!!  Here are some sneak peek images from the bundle and a few of the individual sets:
Simple Shapes Super Bundle

Quirky Art

Simple Shapes Monsters

Simple Shapes Farm

Simple Shapes Rockstar

Simple Shapes Toys

Simple Shapes Zoo

Simple Shapes Butterflies

Simple Shapes City Dweller

Simple Shapes Wedding

Simple Shapes Quirky Rides

Simple Shapes Garden

Simple Shapes Coffee and Tea

Simple Shapes Kitchen

Simple Shapes Quirky Flowers