Thursday, March 17, 2011

Create a Custom Link to Lettering Delights

When you want to send your affiliate traffic to a specific spot in a website, like LetteringDelights, yet you want to still capture the potential revenue, you need to create custom links.

In order to create a custom link to any page on LetteringDelights, just use the following URL where represents your desired landing page and XXXXX represents your affiliate ID (please note that only the numbers of your affiliate ID are entered):"

An example of the HTML source for a custom link that opens up in another window would be:

<a href="" target=_new> Click Here to Purchase Love Pets </a>

The HTML code then implemented would result in:
Click Here to Purchase Love Pets


  1. YOU made this blog for boneheads like me didn't you?! I AM SO GLAD you did....
    Love that you have this blog and LOVE your products!

  2. All I can say is thank you .... it will make things much easier.

  3. yes, this is great, the heads up on the past sale was so great, I had a chance to have a project all ready for it! What a great program!

  4. Maybe I can get my act together now and get this going! I love LD...thanks for the opportunity to share the site with others and get paid! (...and then in turn spend it on more fun graphics and SVG's!!)LOL :)

  5. Okay, everyone time I try this link it says that the link is inactive or has expired :(

  6. I did that too....Don't copy the beginning, start with the http://interneka the greater than sign and the ref will destroy it. Just copy the link above it and it will work after you plug in your aid #.

  7. I have a question...I totally love Lettering Delights and have my affiliate link on my blog. I've had a few sales and I was wondering how I get paid my commission?



  8. How do I actually get this link to work? I've tried every different way, posting it through html and just through the link tab, using or not using the <aref etc etc and it is never workings Driving me nuts, help please!


  9. Thank you, I have been trying to work this out for ages.

  10. Can I just say... I love you :) I've asked LD for something like this and either they didn't understand what I wanted or didn't know. god bless you! And I did get it to work for me. :)