Monday, March 14, 2011

Over $40 in Free Product

When a person signs up for a free account at Lettering Delights, they are given a sampling of all our product types, worth over $40. The benefits to a free account are:
  • You must be logged in to use the "Try Me Now Tool" which allows access all of the products you own. From here, you can create customized titles and download or save individual products or an entire set.
  • Instantly access ALL of your previously purchased items
  • Create personal wish lists for future reference
  • Receive over $40 in freebies to use anytime you're logged in
  • Browse your order history and download specific products when you need them
We recently added SVG's to the account freebies. The set is enormous and fun. This alone is a great incentive to create a new account. IMPORTANT: If you already have an account, this product was automatically added to your library.

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